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My mother always told me when I was growing up that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I passed down that piece of information to my own children and hopefully they will do the same for theirs. Now, I must state that Pop-Tarts, streusel and high sugared cereals weren’t things that I considered as a well-rounded breakfast, but my children tried to convince me otherwise.

Now that my children are grown, I am constantly looking for new things to have for my morning meal. Sometimes it may be eggs, or oatmeal, or yogurt, or cold cereal, but I always start my day with a good breakfast. The rest of the day I’m not as good about what I eat for my other meals. Though I consider myself a pretty good eater, I know that there are times that I don’t eat as well as I should. Do I get the right amount of vegetables, minerals and vitamins for the day? If I don’t, are there other options rather than tons of supplements throughout the day?

And the list goes on and on. Recently, I was sent something to review, a product called Moringa, a mixture of vitamins and minerals from plants and amino acids and it is added to your choice of beverage and meets the RDA daily requirements. But what exactly is Moringa? It’s a plant, native to India that has been used for years in the treatment of malnutrition. People have eaten the leaves of the Moringa plant for years to help treat imbalances in their body. It is so rich in minerals, trace minerals and phenolics and helps protect the liver, immune system, blood sugar and lipids.

I was a little reluctant to try this substance because I haven’t much luck in the past adding a powder of any kind to a beverage. It either floats on the top after stirring vigorously or settles to the bottom and doesn’t mix at all. Moringa wasn’t like that at all. I had to adjust the quantity I used because the first time I tried it, I used too much and it didn’t mix at all. The second time, when I used less Moringa, it did mix well.

Now for the results of using Moringa. I have been using it for about 2 months and I have to say that I do feel more energized. I am also eating better so that is also helping. I do feel that using Moringa is more than likely helping in keeping my body healthy. In the past, I wasn’t a very good eater, (I didn’t eat enough) and I was always tired and couldn’t concentrate. I do feel a lot better since using Moringa, eating healthier and exercising more.

The cost of an 8 oz container is only $17.24, (plus S&H), and suggested use is only ½ tsp. two times a day. I definitely got my money’s worth of this product. I would suggest using Moringa and see for yourself if it works. Please visit their website at

Good luck!

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