Good Four Letter Words

Looking at Wordlock Luggage Locks

There are head-slapping inventions that you didn’t realize how much you needed it before you found it. Of course I want a lock on my luggage, and it needs to be TSA approved, and I’d prefer not to have to keep track of the key, but it wasn’t until I was asked to look at the WordLock combination lock that I realized how much I really needed one that used an easy-to-remember word.

Now that the Masterlock folks sent me one, it’s obvious. For standard combination locks, I have to remember some random digits that have no significance to me. Even Masterlock’s TSA approved combination locks, with the ability to reset the combination to whatever numbers you want, I still have to remember… kids ages? Anniversary date? Birthdate?
Number of feet in a mile?

Replace the numbers with letters. Now the combination can be DUST or RANT or
SHOE, or any one of hundreds of four-letter words (yes, a few profane ones too)
or one of 10,000 letter combinations. If there’s a word that has special
meaning, like your sweetie’s pet name, you can use that and not forget it.

And since you can reset the combination yourself as often as you want, all of
your bags can use the same combination word.

These colorful luggage locks, to keep bellboys and luggage handlers from
pawing your possessions, so they won’t stand up to a hacksaw or bolt cutters. In
fact, they are especially easy for TSA workers to open your luggage with their
special pass-keys, so if they need to make sure your contents of your luggage
are acceptable, they won’t have to cut your lock off.

Wordlock luggage locks are available at retailers nationwide including Kmart,
Target, Menards, Fred Meyer and select Lowe’s, True Value Hardware and Do It Bet
stores. The locks are also available online at and for

Now to figure out the perfect 4-letter word for my luggage.

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