Giving back is where it’s at…

Donating to help a family through World Vision


My family and I have chosen to give up our usual materialistic Christmas and to give back to those in need. We plan to buy a goat for a family in Brazil in hopes that they will be able to provide food and nourishment for their loved ones.



As Americans, we have been lucky enough to live in a country where our basic human freedoms are protected by the government. We have the freedom of religion, of speech, to bear arms, to vote, and many other opportunities that sometimes we take for granted. Our freedoms to determine our own futures have provided us peace and prosperity. How then, can we even fathom what these people in other countries are going through, if we have been living such a golden life? Yes, the unemployment rate is up, but even our nation’s poorest has shelter from the cold and food in their stomachs.

People in other countries don’t have the same advantages as we do. How can we change our way of thinking and make a difference in the lives of people in disadvantaged countries?

Many people in this world are suffering — a lack of food, a lack of housing, a lack of clean water, a lack of income to support their families. Basically, they don’t have much of anything. Countries that are overpopulated and experiencing extreme drought and famine aren’t able to help their own people because they are having their own difficulties with riots, financial issues, and constant war.

It’s amazing, in spite of all their tragedies and unfortunate circumstances, how strong the human will is to survive. World Vision, a highly respected international aid organization, provides animals,
such as goats, chicks, llamas, alpacas, pigs, and cows to help families provide the food and nutrition that they desperately need to survive.

And, this is all done with the help of people like you and me who want to make a difference in someone else’s life.

There is a gift catalog on their website,, which shows how the donations will work. There are so many things we can do, by donating money to buy a goat for a family, or clothing, how to teach them to grow prosperous crops, buying much needed medicine for families and many other products that will help the less advantaged people of the world.

While we are giving a goat to a family in need, the people at World vision sent us a bracelet and  a basketball. Of course we don’t need a basketball or bracelet to do something good for a family in need. The idea is that we could give the ball or bracelet to our family member whose usual gift financed the goat.

And the gifts from World Vision help us feel a little what the families feel — a basketball is great since young people still want to feel like children, even if they are without, and the beautiful Ugandan bracelet reminds us that there is beauty in the world, even in places of crushing poverty.

There are so many ways that we can help these people by making donations, sponsoring a child, or giving the gift of life and hope to those that are still struggling to survive.

We strongly hope that everyone can make a decision to help someone less fortunate than us and see what it feels like to give back for once. Please visit World Vision’s website and browse their catalog to see what there is available to purchase. Giving back is one of the most wonderful and selfless gifts that we can do for someone else. Experience this by purchasing something from World Vision’s site at or their catalog at and say that “Linda sent you.”

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