Kid’s gifts that didn’t make it into the stockings

... but I wish they had!

I know that I am notorious for waiting till the last minute on many things, but Christmas isn’t one of them.  Well, at least I thought I was until this Christmas when my body decided to give me a good case of pneumonia.  So, I did much of my shopping on line this time, (though I really like going to all the stores and seeing the beautiful Christmas decorations).  I had received many products to review before the Christmas holiday that I wasn’t able to due to an illness. However, I decided to make a list for our readers about these really neat, ‘out of the ordinary’ products to give them some ideas about purchasing them in the future. I decided to start with a list of items specifically designed for children (or playful adults).

Children, our most precious gifts, have the opportunity to experience the world through electronics and have it right at their fingertips.  Ipads, iPhones, computers, laptops, DSL’s,; you name it, they probably have it.  But, how about some good old fashioned having fun gifts.

First on my list is an item called  “Glittertoos”, which can be used by both adults and children.   This item comes as a kit, which includes 15 dazzling stencils, 6 glittery colors and enough tools to create a work of art on someone, or even yourself.  There are about 24 different categories to choose from so I know there’s something out that there that will please just about every one.  Use it to dazzle up your mood, preparing for a special night out with friends, or just to ‘play with’ and see what you can create.  And, the cost is minimal, at $15.95.  Check out their website at: for more information.

Next on the list is a really neat item called Geopalz.   Ever wonder how much physical activity your child gets during a day? So many children are glued to either the TV or some other kind of electronic that they hardly go outside anymore.   The Geopalz , which is a pedometer, is designed to measure the physical activity of children, whether it is moderate  all the way up to  very vigorous activity.    These pedometers use 3D Tri-Axis Accelerometers, which allows them to be worn on the hip or the shoe, therefore providing very accurate readings of your child’s physical endeavors during the day.  And, as a special treat, the children can accumulate points while they are  being active!  Each Geoplaz comes with a code that the child will use when they register on the Geoplaz website.   Each time they are being active and wearing their Geoplaz and accumulating points, eventually the points can be redeemed for prizes!  A nice way to get your child to want to be active! The Geoplaz pedometer comes in a variety of whimsical characters and costs a comparative fee of $25.00.  No more arguing with your children to keep active!  For more information on the Geoplaz, please visit their website at:

The next item is something that I think practically every one wishes they had thought of the idea themselves.  How many times have you been in a restaurant with the children and one needs to sit in a high chair.? Or, a booster seat? And then you have to argue and argue with them to stay in the seat until the meal is done?  Nerve  racking the least! This product will solve that problem AND even making the child feel a little more grown-up! Hello luv-chicken!

Now, you are probably wondering what Luv-Chicken is and how can it help when taking small ones to a restaurant, on a plane or even when driving and no longer needing a car seat or booster seat to help them see outside a little better.  The Luv-Chicken Booster Seat, (and yes, it is a booster seat),  was designed by a mother of two that  had had many uneventful battles with a daughter that wouldn’t sit in her seat at dinnertime.  Therefore, after 4 painstakingly years, the Luv Chicken Booster Seat was designed.

The booster seat is designed to accommodate spills from food, paint, crayons, milk and everything else that wants’ to be digested by children.  The fabric is made from coated cotton fabric that can be wiped easily when soiled.  As an added feature, the cushions  have non-slip bottoms so they won’t move when the child is seated.

These really neat cushions also are equipped with a sturdy handle that allows the seat to be carried just about anywhere!  I highly recommend these cushions to any parent who would like to have a peaceful event with their children.  And,  they come in 8 different designs suitable for any child.  The cost for one of these cushions is $44.99 which may seem a bit expensive to some people, but not as far as I am concerned when it comes to having a good time with my children.  For more information, please visit their website at:  Heck, I even use it!

Here’s another product that I really wasn’t sure if it would be something that our readers would care to know about, but after I received it, I knew they would. Way back when, as they use to say,  when I would be out with my small children, they seemed to constantly want to play with my dirty, grimy sharp-edged keys.  I was always concerned that their little hands would be cut by the somewhat sharp edges of the keys or catch some ugly disgusting disease.  I tried substituting measuring spoons or something that looked like keys but they weren’t interested.  (I think they liked the clinking and clanking noise myself).

Thanks to an eco-conscious Green-minded mother that lives in Maryland for the invention of “Kleynimals” ( sounds like ‘clean key animals’ but actually pronounced as “Clean-Ih-Mals).  Just what are Kleynimals?  They are actually stainless steel, BPA free, lower impact on the environment keys that are designed for children 6 months and above.  Imagine the looks on your child’s face when you hand them your ‘keys’ (actually, Kleynimals)!  Mom’s will no longer have to worry about their children getting cut or contract some unpronounceable disease while playing with Kleynimals.

Oh, and one more real important fact, and this is  that Kleynimals are made in the good ol’ USA! The designer decided that the best way to make sure that  her product is made from  quality materials was to have it made in the USA . And, by making it in the USA, she is helping in stimulating the economy.   Just one more important thing I’d like to mention and that is…. I wish they had been made when my children were little!

For a minimal cost of $24.00 (more if they are engraved), it is well worth the investment.  Please visit their website at: for more information.

And, last but not least, if another really cool product that I just know your child will adore!   I want my readers to remember the numerous times that they traveled with their children, whether by car, plane, bus, or whatever, and, how challenging that can be.  Remember when the children would fight with  you to be able to pack their own suitcase, or bags, or  even have their own bags but we thought it was best that we did that for them.  Needless to say, the time has come for us to let go and let our children pack their own bags AND, have fun doing it!

Welcome, from the designers of Stephen and Joseph gifts, a travel case that your children will be wild about (and you will never have to pack their bags again)!  Stephen and Joseph Co. was started by a former 3rd grade teacher that wanted to make a little extra Christmas money by making fabric frames which, due to significant popularity of her items, she launched Alexandra & Company, later to become a division of Stephen and Joseph Co.

What I am excited about is that this travel case was designed strictly with a child’s interest and needs in mind.  Many pockets, just the right size, (14.5” x 18”) and it can be monogrammed to keep it from getting lost.   There are so many cute and unique designs, (5 to be exact) to chose from.  They are made with durable wheels for rolling the luggage, washable material for when the kids will spill something on it and made to last quite awhile.  The cost is reasonable at  $39.99 and I know it is something your child will adore.  And, Mom’s and Dad’s imagine how peaceful your life will be when you no longer have to pack your child’s suitcase anymore!  Please, visit their website at: and check out their website for all their fantastic deals (and where to purchase).  Happy traveling!

Stay tuned for some more lists of really neat gifts or something to keep for you.   Happy shoveling!






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