Four Flavors of Dance In One Place

Mardi Gras, Cranston RI

For the dancer with a broad taste in music, or perhaps one who just can’t quite make up his mind, Cranston offers Mardi Gras, a dance “location”, with four dance floors, each devoted to different music.

Want country line dancing? You got it. Disco/80’s? Yep, got that too. Techo/New Age stuff that doesn’t have much of a beat for the younger crowd? Look for that upstairs. They even have one area set aside for live music with a heavy metal ear-splitting volume.

Show up early to save a couple of bucks and to get a parking spot.The parking lot is very small, so you might be stuck parking across the street or next door. The place is crowded, and gets more crowded as the night progresses, so Mardi Gras uses an escalating cover charge, increasing a dollar an hour.

There is a mix of age groups, so the music selection varies. All of these people generate a lot of heat — industrial fans on the corner of the dance floors do little do disapate the heat. Happily, there are a long row of glass doors that let you escape onto the patio and cool off a bit.

The disco/80’s space is broken up by support columns, meaning that if you’re energetic, you can bump into something that might give you a bruise.

The country line dance space is set up like a rodeo ring. There you can see wannabe Texans strutting in synchronized unison. But don’t join in if you don’t know the moves, the regulars can be a bit unforgiving if you stomp on their Justin boots. Show up early on Wednesdays to get country dancing lessons.

Mardi Gras is not for you if you want an upscale and quiet place to drink or if you are into the newest and hottest music. But if you want a place in the middle of the state where you can sample a little music that’s just outside your usual range, you might try Mardi Gras. After all, if the something new doesn’t work for you, you know that there are three other choices right there.

Mardi Gras is near Warwick Mall at 1500 Oaklawn Avenue in Cranston, RI. You can call them at 401/463-3080.

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