Flavors of Belize

Not  just an ordinary cookbook!


When it comes to cooking, I have to say that I am a decent cook.  Sometimes I’ll follow a recipe completely, sometimes I ‘tweak’ it a bit and sometimes, I come up with my own recipe.  Either way, I love to cook just about anything and everything from anywhere using anything needed to make the most exquisite meal, dessert, bread, appetizer, soup or pastry ever!

That being said, I also love to buy cookbooks.  At one point I must have had over 100 cookbooks from all over the world but unfortunately, I had to downsize to about a third.   Even though I downsized on my cookbooks, I still have a good variety of them.  They range from Better Crocker’s Original Cookbook to my most recent one, Flavors of Belize.  I didn’t happen to purchase the Flavors of Belize because it was sent to me as a product review. How cool is that!

Many people in this world aren’t familiar with the country Belize.  We are so use to hearing about Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Costa Rica but not Belize. At one point Central America was an important route for the many native and colonial powers that lived there for the last few hundred years.  And since Central America was the path from the Atlantic to the Pacific,  many travelers chose to make Belize their home resulting in a rich source of different foods, cultures and traditions.  English happens to be the first spoken language in this country due to its British colonial heritage as “British Honduras”.   Sounds like a place I may want to visit sometime soon!

Now I am ready to try one of these fantastic recipes from the Flavors of Belize cookbook. Uhmm, spicy main courses, scrumptious desserts and so many more recipes that I had such a hard time trying to figure what to try out.  I finally decided on a chicken dish, which I knew my family would like since they love chicken. I chose a favorite recipe of the Belize culture, Salbutes, which included a light and flaky taco, shredded chicken lots of spices and vegetables.   The recipe said 4 – 6 servings but I actually got 8 servings from my recipe.

I found the recipe to be easy to follow, relatively simple instructions and the ingredients were items that I either had at hand or ones that I would be able to follow without any problems at all.  Some cookbooks that contain recipes from other cultures require ingredients that aren’t readily accessible but the Flavors of Belize cookbook didn’t.  It is a magnificent cookbook and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in trying out new recipes from many cultures, all in one book!

Please visit their website at:  www.flavorsofbelize.com for ordering and pricing options. Cooking at home will not be the same after this!

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