Fashionable feet invigorated all summer long

Trying on the Orthaheel orthopedic sandals for size

Remember those warm summer evenings when we would be walking along the beach at night, being barefoot without a care in the world, glancing at the sparkles in the sky and wishing that the night would never end? Remember having to brush the sand off of our feet and slip into our comfy sandals for the long trek home? Then, remember how tired our feet were the next day after being in sandals most of the time, except for that brief moment when walking along the beach?

Makes me miss those wooden sandals that were shaped to help with relieving our tired feet and still keep our feet cool in the summer. Well, I found something better than that!

Just the other day I was mentioning to my husband that I was looking forward to getting a pedicure and spending the entire summer in last year’s “end of season” discount sandals.

I said this despite noticing how uncomfortable my feet were in my favorite sandals. The more we walked, the more my feet would ache. It was like it could only move at the pace of a snail because they hurt so badly. How I wished I had put my arch supports on (but I didn’t because they wouldn’t stay in my sandal and it looked horrible). I remembering telling him that I wish someone would invent a really stylish, durable summer sandal that was not only flattering, but also helped by providing support to my feet at the same time.

After I got home that night, I noticed in my email a message from a PR person promoting a new product that was sure to be a big hit in Rhode Island, where it has been said that we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. They wanted me to try out a new orthopedic sandal that was not only beneficial to my feet, but also promised to be some of the most stylish sandals around. (Had they been listening in to my conversation with my husband the other day?) Practically every word misspelled, I quickly responded with a very jubilant ‘yes’! (No, my husband is not Santa Claus.)

I opted for a pretty practical style, The Tide Sandal, that came in a variety of colors (I chose black since that color goes with just about everything); not very flashy, but something that could be worn every day and especially while being active. They arrived about a week later and immediately landed on my feet.

At first, my feet did not like the way the sandals felt at all. I thought that it was probably the arch being so high since my feet are practically flat (as I have been told by my podiatrist who said that it came from having big babies. (Darn kids!). Naturally, I hadn’t read the insert that said to only wear for a couple of hours the first few days until my feet could adjust to the new arch. Such despair.

I didn’t give up. I promised myself that from now on, I would read the instructions FIRST, before doing anything with something new. By the third day, I didn’t even notice that I had the sandals on! I walked all day that day; around the school that I teach in, around the courtyard at lunch, grocery shopping, up and down the staircases in my home and finally, a short walk with the dogs. They were that comfortable!

The next day, I decided to try on my ‘old favorite’ sandals to see if I could feel the difference. Not only could I feel the difference right away, I threw those old favorites wasy. All of my other non-supportive sandals went with them. Why would I want to go through the summer with tired, achy feet when I could enjoy the summer with happy, lively feet? The decision was made. These were a keeper!

Now for the particulars on this sandal. Though, if you happen to look at the Orthaheel website, this particular style, the description says that they are a flip-flop. I would definitely not call them a flip flop at all. To me, a flip-flop is just that! It flips and flops around your feet and eventually, someone steps on the back of the flip flop and then, and you are done! They fall apart, leaving you with just one sandal and what to do next. Not these sandals! They clung very nicely to my feet and didn’t ‘flip and flop’ when I walked at all, not that they wouldn’t on someone else probably, but they fit just right on my feet.

They can also get wet and dry just within minutes! So, how about those walks in the summer rain from the car to the grocery store and slopping around in wet sandals all day? Not with these sandals. They literally do dry in a matter of minutes. It’s probably due to the fact that they are made of a “quick-dry sports nylex mesh lining”.

Did I mention the traction? The wave patterned tread kept me from falling down my uncarpeted stairs!

How about the reason behind this orthopedic sandal? Here is a quote from the Orthaheel website that can say it a whole letter better than I can: “Podiatrist-designed, biochemical Triplanar motion Control footbed with a deep heel helps stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural position.” I interpreted that as meaning that their Orthopedic sandal helps our feet go back to the position they were suppose to be in before we had big babies, walked around without shoes all day long or stumbling around in six-inch heels. I’m all for that!

As far as caring for this particular style, all I have to do is wipe it down with a damp rag and either air-dry or plop right back on my feet because I know they will totally be dried in a matter of minutes. I think these are a keeper!

I recommend these sandals (since I only had a chance to try out one style, but the rest of the styles are probably just as wonderful) to anyone that wants to not have to complain about their tired, achy feet all night long to their family! These particular sandals come in a variety of colors and sell for $69.95. That may seem like a lot of money to some people and that’s ok, but to have comfortable feet, show off that pretty new pedicure and still keep up with the fashions? Priceless!

Please visit their website at: for more information on styles, pricing and how to order. Happy feet makes a happy family!

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