Enjoying a Bed of Nails?

Relaxing and de-stressing in the new old way


People lead pretty hectic lives these days.  Careers, raising a family, appointments, sports, visiting relatives, the gym….pretty much everything eats into what small amount of spare time they have.  Just looking at the list of things that people do these days is enough to make me get stressed out!  I can only imagine how they feel.  Leading such a hectic life causes stress, right?  Maybe going to the gym, for a walk, or stealing a few minutes of down time with a glass of wine might help, but, what if none of these work?  Some stress is pretty heavy duty:  medical conditions or financial concerns.  There needs to be something to reduce stress in a healthy way. 

There are alternatives and I would like to tell you about one in particular. In ancient times, mystics believed in getting rid of toxins and adjusting energy fields by lying on a bed of nails. Yes, a bed made of wood and steel nails that have rounded points.  They would lie down on the bed placing their body evenly over the nails and then just relax, feeling completely rejuvenated afterwards. The bed of nails was similar to acupuncture with the pressure from the nails against the skin helping the body to release endorphins.  Most people might shy away from knowing they would have to lay on rounded nails, even if it does reduce stress.. Welcome www.bedofnails.org; a company that re-invented the bed of nails to fit the more modern day world’s way of life.

Bed of Nails, a company located in Canada, (and now the USA), had decided that they would, as they said, ‘re-invent the Bed of Nails’.   A mattress with 8,820 non-toxic, 100% recycled plastic spikes that are harmless to the skin and reproduces all the healing factors of the original Bed of Nails.  I knew exactly which of my helpers would love to review this!

Having the Bed of Nails for approximately a month, my helper Sean was happy to report that it was a success!  Sean had lots to say so I will do my best to keep it short and concise.  He said that at first he was a little apprehensive considering that he has sensitive skin and wasn’t sure if it would irritate him.  He said it did a little so he changed into an old T-shirt and shorts and then laid down.  The first time he used it was for only 15 minutes, as he didn’t want to over do it, not knowing how he would feel later.  The next time, and each time after that, he laid down for at least a half an hour; sometimes even more.

I asked Sean how he felt immediately after using The Bed of Nails.  He said the first time using it his skin felt really tingly; almost like a light tickle.   The second, third and every time after, his skin still felt tingly, but not ticklish at all.    His usual length of time using it was approximately 30 – 45 minutes; sometimes being longer, but never shorter.  He said that he noticed that he felt more energized, more alert and even healthier.  It may be a coincidence, but usually he is prone to sinus infections during springtime, but this year he didn’t get any.  But most importantly, he was more relaxed and less stressed.  That is super!

Sean said that he would definitely recommend the Bed of Nails to anyone that was open minded to trying different things in life that would help with feeling healthier, rejuvenated, inexpensive (around $50) and not feeling the aches and pains associated with today’s lifestyles.  I would suggest to anyone that is interested in The Bed of Nails to visit their website at: www.bedofnails.org to learn more about it and where to purchase one.

It really doesn’t hurt much.  Really!





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