Elegance for the Home Dinner Table

Cloth Napkins by Mia and Finn

I just love going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, or any restaurant that uses cloth napkins.  It makes me feel like I am being treated to something really special since cloth napkins are so rarely used now-a days. And, when I am at home making a special dinner, I frequently use cloth napkins because they add a touch of flare to the special evening. Just a little touch of elegance added to the special meal.

Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could use cloth napkins at our meals rather than paper napkins? Think of all the waste we produce when we use paper napkins as opposed to cloth napkins. I know, people use paper napkins because they are much more convenient than cloth napkins which need to be constantly washed because they get stained, but the cost savings out number the convenience numbers.

I was recently asked to sample some cloth napkins that were designed by a woman who now makes her home in Brooklyn, New York. Formerly a native of France, Caroline Defrance brought from her country a flare for the Victorian era, which was rich in linens and elegance. As a result of decorating many apartments before finally settling in Brooklyn, Caroline decided to take her designs and passion of working with linen to good use and started her company, Mia and Finn. With that being said, I gave a big ‘YES” to review her products.

I asked one of my other reviewers, Sean Johnson, to review the eloquent napkins that were sent to me from Mia and Finn. They came in a set of four cotton napkins that had been handcrafted in Rajasthan, India. The color was Celestial Blue, which was perfect for Sean, since his favorite color is blue. He tried them out with his partner, Gerald, after they had made a scrumptious dinner.

Sean stated that he particularly liked the color and pattern of the napkins, which matched the rest of his kitchen. Being that they were brand new and a little stiff at first, after a couple of washings, the napkins softened. He liked the fact that they were made of cotton which meant that if they were stained, more than likely it could be removed. They measured 20” X 20” which happened to be the perfect size for covering his lap. Nothing dropped on the napkin so it was all ready to use for another time.

Sean said that he would recommend these napkins to those that want to add a touch of elegance to their meals, but preferable for special meals since they would have to be washed after use. The napkins sold for $40 which didn’t fit his budget, but would for someone that doesn’t mind spending a few extra dollars on something that would be a treat.

Mia and Finn also sell other handcraft products such as bedding, placemats and tablecloths. I would strongly suggest checking out their website at: www.miaandfinn.com and see for yourself the fine workmanship of Mia and Finn linens.

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