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Reading About the Sun Sign Ares



Learning about the different Zodiac signs is very fascinating to me.  I can remember growing up and buying a book for my Zodiac sign, Virgo, and learning about what careers would be good choices for me, my love life, health, other relationships; just about anything I wanted to know about ‘me’ I could find learning more about Virgos.

I have read many books on the Zodiac signs, some good and some bad.  Some of them I have kept near my bed so I could read at any moment and others I would just let sit on my table when ‘someday’ I would finish reading it.  Someday usually means never, but I just can’t throw a book away so there it sits until someone else throws it away.

I did find one author that really had a good approach to writing about the Zodiac signs.  Her name is Joanna Martine Woolfolk, a well-known writer, astrologist and columnist for many years.  I was asked by her PR representative if I could read a book from her series “The Sun Sign” and express my thoughts about it.  Of course I said yes.

I really liked her approach to the subject of one’s Zodiac signs.  I felt her to be very honest, caring and a wealth of information about my Zodiac sign that I hadn’t found before.  Usually, the books I had read talked a lot about romance, personality (to a point) and careers but this book even went into what diet I should follow, what my dark side is and even how I handle my finances!

And, there was even a section on how my sun sign fits in with Chinese astrology, numerology, my Tarot Card, birthstone and the meaning of my constellation!  If I wanted to know about all of these I would usually have to buy a book for each one!  Not with this book!  It was nice to find everything I needed or was curious about in one book!

I recommend “The Sun Sign Series” to anyone who really wants an in-depth view of their sun sign; a nice, sincere and real approach to your particular sun sign.  The Sun Sign Series can be purchased just about anywhere, including Amazon and I found some on eBay. The book is in paperback and sells for about $7.00.   And, if you would like to know more about the author, please visit her website at:


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