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The Connecticut arts Culinary School drives people to a world of excitement  and fun. In the year 1987, the Connecticut school of culinary arts was  established. It is situated in a suburb of the Hartford which is the capital of  the States. It is the first institution having two branches. Connecticut arts  culinary institute provides students with the famous schedules of their classes  that are most flexible. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn the culinary  arts, as these classes are held at the day time as well as in the evenings.


The branch of Connecticut arts culinary arts school is established in  Suffield. It spreads wide on 64-acres of land. It takes hardly few minutes to  reach the culinary arts institute from Bradley International Airport. This  branch has housing facilities for a student. It also includes seven kitchens  specially meant for teaching, along with a computer laboratory. The main campus  of culinary school is located at downtown Hartford. There is a hotel which  occupies a space of 3, 67,000 square-foot of the total area. There is much great  stuff available for the students in Connecticut arts culinary school. The  students who have enrolled in this school have already been benefited.

Near the campus of this school, several hotels, restaurants and entertainment  means are established. More new six kitchens for teaching are added to the  current production. Connecticut culinary arts school has other amenities such as  a computer laboratory, a Learning Resource Centre and two amphitheatres.

The Connecticut cuisine arts institute possesses trained professors and small  classes. They have significant class size. This provides the faculty ample of  time, so as to focus on the needs of each candidate. This culinary school of art  focuses more on providing hands-on training. They also try to provide many  opportunities to the students to gain practical knowledge from what they learn  at the time of the lectures.

Services Provided: 

The services provided by the Connecticut cuisine school are not limited. The  educating students are offered services for the training and skills that are  necessary. They also provide many outstanding opportunities of visit to places  outside the school. When people are exposed to the culinary industry, their  skills are not only sharpened but also, it enhances their knowledge. At the same  time, it also increases their chance in getting hold of an immense career in  culinary art.

Benefits of Connecticut Culinary School:

Connecticut Culinary Institute (CCI) is an exceptional school for many  reasons. First and foremost is there team of people. The instructors and staff  at CCI are among the most dedicated, professional, and caring individuals  anywhere. They are committed to the successful education of each student. CCI is  a small, high-quality school. You will be taught in small classes, always by a  highly qualified instructor, and you will spend the vast majority of your time  actually cooking.

In today’s world of new restaurants, and dining hot spots, CCI finds itself  in the middle of an ever-expanding market to prepare students for a career in  culinary arts. So if you have a passion for food, and you love to cook, CCI can  be the place to turn your dream into a career.

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