Comfort Food at the Mall

Cheeseboy Brings Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Providence Place Mall

Nothing says “comfort food” more than a grilled cheese sandwich, that hot melted cheese and buttery toasted bread is fast, filling, simple, convenient, and is a comfy as a warm fleece blanket and a crackling fireplace.  Sometimes you might find a grilled cheese sandwich on the kid’s menu at a diner, but until Cheeseboy, you’re unlikely to eat a grilled cheese sandwich away from home.

The new Cheesboy at Providence Place Mall serves both the simple, classic grilled cheese sandwiches alongside chef creations.  Some of these, like the “Skinny BLT” a recent monthly special, is made with light Swiss cheese, bacon, spinach and tomato pesto on Italian bread.

Sandwiches are packed in hard-shell cardboard boxes to keep them warm and toasty, and can be ordered in combination with a classic tomato soup, snacks, dessert, and a beverage to complete a meal.

Cheeseboy now has six locations in New England.  To find them, look in Providence Place Mall’s food court or go online to

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