Clothing that Takes Your Breath Away

Trying out Gaiam's Clothing Line

When summer arrives, most people think about the bright sun, cool walks along the beach and swimming in the ocean. For me, I think about air conditioning. Normally, I just opt for a pair of very short shorts and a tank top that is really loose and staying inside during the day. My main priority is to stay cool; fashion is second to that. If I go to the beach, it’s motly for a cool walk late at night with my dogs and what little clothing I can wear while still trying to stay within what society deems as acceptable to wear in public.

Lately, my husband and I have been to many outings that require dressing up a little, but still trying to keep my ‘cool’. My challenge in selecting clothing is to find something that is simple but elegant, can be dressed up with some accessories AND still allows me to feel fresh and comfortable. Many of the clothing on the market contain polyester because it doesn’t wrinkle, but it doesn’t keep me cool AND it retains stains.

I did some research (some people call it shopping) only to be disappointed. Recently, Gaiam Clothing wanted me to review their summer collection. I asked them to send me a catalog to see if I could find something that would suit my style. To my amazement, they really had a good selection of items AND they use eco-friendly products in their clothing, such as pure organic cotton, light sustainable bamboo, high-performance recycled polyester AND Fair Trade Products. That’s really awesome!

The selection of clothing is phenomenal! Vivid, brightly colored and breathable fabric made into simple, but very elegant clothing that suits my taste just fine. I finally enjoyed looking through a catalog that really interested me and not one that I discarded after the first page! I was asked to select two items to review and Gaiam would immediately send to me. It was a hard decision, but I decided to pick something that I would normally wear, either casually or going to a special occasion. I selected the Twisted Back Maxi Dress, which was sleeveless with a flattering knot on the back and the Cropped Tee, with a scoop neckline and cap sleeves; both reasonably priced for their products.

Then it was time to put the garments to the test!

I wore the maxi Dress on a rather hot day/early evening. I wore a pair of black opened toed shoes and dressed it up with a long black necklace and earrings to match. The brilliant red colored dress glimmered while the sun was starting to fade away in a distance. I felt really cool; not cold, but cool as the darkness started to fall upon us. The flowing style of the dress kept me comfortable; not sticking to me as so many dresses do on a hot summer day. This dress definitely deserves and A+ as far as style, fabric and affordability, which is now on sale for $44.99 through their catalog (originally sold for $90.00 and is only available in red in the catalog).

Next on the list was the Cropped T. I didn’t really need to dress it up because the scoop neckline and capped sleeves made the shirt look dressy enough! I did have on some bracelets and rings, which I normally wear anyways. The top was loose fitting, with just a hint of sheerness. Made from 100% cotton so I didn’t need to wear about stains or being sticky. It was fantastic! Classy, but you didn’t have to rob a bank to buy this. The cost for this top was originally $40, a bit out of my usual price range. However, the fact that the top is made from good quality material, the company participates in Fair Trade and is very conscious about the environment, $40 really isn’t a lot to pay for this top. Presently, in the catalog it is selling for $24.99 so the top is on sale.

One other thing that I would like to mention about this is company is that they offer other items, such as Furniture and Décor, Household supplies, clothing and even DVDs! I know that there are many more items that Gaiam manufactures but I just wanted to give everyone an idea.

Gaiam has to be one of the most innovative companies around these days because it is not only concerned about the style of clothing, but they also take into consideration ecological lifestyles, maintaining good health and sustainable commerce. Please, visit their website at: and see for yourself just how fabulous this company really is! We definitely are worth it!

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