Cleaning hardwoods are easier than we thought!

Testing out the Haan steam floor cleaner

I love hardwood floors.  I grew up with hard wood floors; no wall-to-wall carpeting but beautifully constructed hardwood floors.  My dad was always polishing them with the old-fashioned buffer and butcher’s wax.  They were gorgeous when he was done. Then, the four of us kids would wander into the house with our wet boots and mark up the floors, again.  Sound familiar?

Today, I own my own home.  It’s small, but big enough for my family.  One of the things that I encouraged me to buy this particular house was the fact that it had hardwood floors.  Beautiful, original hardwood floors, complete with the wear and tear of its former owners.  I never wanted to do anything to floors but clean them occasionally. I am not really partial to the shiny, polyurethane floors; I like the look of hardwood floors, in spite of (or maybe even because) the inevitable scratches and dings from a house being a home.

Now that the floors are mine, it is time to clean my hardwood floors.  In the past, I think I tried every possible hardwood floor cleaner on the market, but still wasn’t pleased with the results.  My youngest son kept telling me that I should buy a steamer for the floors, as that is probably the best way to clean them.  Would you believe that after considering this option, a company that makes hardwood floor cleaners, The Haan Corporation, asked if I wanted to try theirs?  What a coincidence!

The Haan Corporation was started by a Korean woman named Romi Haan.  Being a Korean wife and mother, one of the things that is very important to their culture is having a clean floor. After tireless days of cleaning and worrying about whether the floor was sanitary enough, Romi developed the idea of cleaning with steam.  No chemicals, no more wringing out a dirty mop, but using clean tap water that is heated to produce steam.

Romi Haan worked with a multitude of engineers and product designers to develop a product that would be easy to use, clean, sanitize and last a long a very long time. From that point on, her desire for better quality products that are also Earth friendly resulted in a whole line of steam products that would suit just about anyone. In fact, after her products were introduced to the United States in 2007, more and more consumers opted to use steam to clean their homes instead of chemical laden products.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to be applying heavy chemicals to the floors that my animals could become sick from, I was looking forward to using this machine.  I had the pleasure of using the SL60 Haan steamer.  This particular product had two steam settings; the low setting is used on hardwoods and vinyls and the high setting is used on tile and stone. It also came with two microfiber floor pads that can be used over and over again after being machined washed.  I set the setting for low and within 20 seconds, the tap water was heated.

I pushed the lightweight steamer over the floors and instantly noticed that they didn’t look as dingy as before.  The water tank is used only for producing the steam and the floor pads absorb all the dirt.  I was amazed at how dirty the floor pad was after only a few applications of the steam.  I was able to get into hard to get at places plus, the corners of the room as the head of the steamer swiveled back and forth.

After the room was cleaned, I waited for the floors to dry and see the results.  While they were drying, I emptied the water tank and removed the floor pad.  Was it dirty?  It was MORE than dirty.  I couldn’t believe now dirty the floors had been, but I shouldn’t have been surprised with a family and four animals.  And, to think that I used to apply chemicals to the floors that my animals would lay on daily and even walked over the floors sometime when they were drying.  With this steam cleaner, I didn’t have to worry anymore.

Clean floors at last!  I mean, clean!  I could even see the designs of the hardwoods now, and not the dirt that laid in the cracks.  I was so impressed!  I told everyone about how well this product was and how it can be used on so many things, not just hardwoods.  I was also pleased with the fact that my floors were now germ free, as steam kills more than 99% of all germs.  And, it was so easy to use that I was done with one room in only 15 minutes.  To clean an entire room’s floor in only 15 minutes was more than remarkable.

I definitely would recommend this product to anyone that wants to keep their home germ free, be kind to the environment and still have enough time left over to relax.  Would I buy another Haan product in the future?   Definitely!

The Haan Corporation produces a whole line of steamers that would be compatible for many different consumers. This has to be one of the best inventions yet!  Check out their website for more information, pricing and availability at:   Clean floors at last!





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