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A Sport’s Bar for Everyone

Dave's, in Warwick, near TF Green Airport

  It’s that time of year again, no not the holiday season; It’s the time where most major sporting events in the US are being played. College and professional football, basketball and even hockey. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of trying to watch all these games at once. But there is a […]

Luxury, Seclusion, and Golf

Carnegie Abbey in Portsmouth, RI

  The uber-wealthy industrialists who summered in Newport during the Guilded Age may have passed on their fortunes to less ostentacious heirs and donated their their mansions to historical societies, but Narrangasett Bay’s magestic views and the seculsion of Adquidneck Island that attracted them to Newport remains. For the last 10 years, Carnegie Abbey Club […]

Remembering the Narragansetts

Statues Across the State Help Remind Us of the Narragansett Tribes

  There are dozens of green men standing around Rhode Island. They’re weathered bronze statues of leaders and heroes who have earned a place in the hearts and foundries of the people of the state. From Columbus to Chaffee, they stand or stride their way into our everyday lives. They remind us of our history […]

The Vadenais Family Dressing

A treasured recipe for your holiday feast

One of my dearest friends, from high school and college days, is Mary Vadenais Dexter, whose parents were in the fish-and-chips business. In fact, they made the best fish-and-chips in the area. That recipe, I’m afraid, is long gone, but “Mom’s Famous Family Dressing” is still with us. The Vadenais family makes it in a […]

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