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Sandwich Heaven

Meeting Street Cafe

There are a huge number of delis throughout Rhode Island, and therefore many places to get sandwiches. But while deli sandwiches are usually good, there are only a few sandwich shops that I go out of my way to eat at, and foremost among them is Meeting Street Cafe. First, let’s establish the setting — […]

Strolling through Time

An Architectural Tour of Newport Doorways

The Newport Landmark Historic District has more restored homes than any other city in Colonial America. With well over two hundred period homes of the 18th century, half along the waterfront in the Point area, and the balance throughout Historic Hill. Newport showcases one of the most diverse displays of architectural doorways. Early Colonial designs […]

In With The New

New Year, New Beginnings and New Places to See

When a new year begins, we all promise ourselves that we are going to change. We promise that we will loose weight, or get a new job, or start a new relationship. Maybe we will promise ourselves that we will finally start to save some money, or go out less, or visit old friends. Or […]

Ice Age in Rhode Island

Loving Rhodey in the Winter

Sometimes, walking outside in Rhode Island’s blistery cold winter weather can feel like we’ve entered another ice age, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Maybe putting on a hat and mittens might help, but even that doesn’t inspire some people to take advantage of the cold weather in Rhode Island. And yes, I do mean […]

Perks and Corks

A bit of laidback fun waiting to be discovered…

When I visit Westerly, I feel like I am entering another state all together. Westerly has its own eccentric qualities that aren’t like any other city or town in Rhode Island. Being an artist, I love to visit Westerly, filled with all of its art galleries, coffee shops, boutiques, along with it’s Five and Dime […]

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