RI Feb

Mardi Gras Time

We celebrate Fat Tuesday on Saturday in Rhode Island

Though Rhode Island is quite a drive from Louisiana, we still know of a great excuse to party. MARDI GRAS is an annual celebration each February in Louisiana for a two and a half week period ending with Fat Tuesday and the beginning of Lent. All across Louisiana, Mardi Gras traditions are celebrated depending on […]

Little State, Big Dome

Rhode Island's Statehouse

Perhaps to compensate for its small size, Rhode Island didn’t skimp when it built its State House. Completed in 1904, the building is the fourth largest self-supporting marble dome in the world, trailing only the Minnesota State Capitol, the Taj Mahal and St. Peter’s Basilica.  The State House is grand and imposing, yet also light […]

Light as a feather…

The magic of nature revealed by a clutch of eggs

One crisp spring day, with last winter’s leaves scattered along our path and crinkling under our feet, we explored the thickened wooded area surrounding our hiking path. The trail that we chose happened to belong to a private area, which we are members. The air was cool; just enough to capture our breaths as we […]

Rhode Island 101

A book telling everything you need to know about the Ocean State

  Did you know that that the Roger Williams statue located at Roger Williams University in Bristol actually features the face of Ted Williams, that more than 72 percent of all Rhode Island newborns are delivered at Providence’s Women & Infants Hospital, or that the most severe winter weather event in Rhode Island history may […]

Scoring with a Winning Attitude

Eating at the End Zone in East Greenwich

  It all began one evening when my husband and I ventured out into a cold and drizzly autumn night, our mission being able to discover a place to eat that was fun, cheap and easy to find from the main road. We are always up for an adventure, so when I spotted “The End […]

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