RI Aug

The Swamps, Bogs, and Marshes in Our Backyard

Rhode Island Wetlands All Around Us

By Florence Chartier Frandsen Rhode Island may be a small state but it is a land of diversity. We have colorful hills of foliage, waves crashing on rocky seacoasts, and lots of low-lying areas in between. I mean lots. Water is one thing we’ve got, and along with water comes mud. Sometimes the mud gets […]

Lunch or Dinner?

Two different views of Capital Grille

  By Matthew Johnson and Paul Pence This month, we have had the unusual privilege of enjoying Capital Grille at both lunch and dinner.  Capital Grille, a fine-dining restaurant right in the heart of Providence, is known for their excellent food, top-notch service, a dark wood upscale atmosphere, and a first-class wine list.  With these […]

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