Calling all Rhode Island Moms who love Contests and Sweepstakes

Win $10,000 with a new "Baby On Board" design

There aren’t many places in America that offer motherhood as many excitements as The Ocean State. Just look around; Little Rhody offers so much for moms and their children to share together such as the beautiful coast line, the changing seasons, skiing, a tapestry of rich history, and some exciting professional sports teams to follow and cheer for.

Now moms can use their love for their home state to inspire their creativity in an exciting baby on board contest, while inspiring others to embrace child safety in cars.

Contest specs

Imagine what you could do for your baby with an extra $10K in your bank account. Re-designing their bedroom, creating a college fund, paying for daycare…the possibilities are endless. By winning this contest, you could be the lucky winner facing these decisions. We can all recall the classic yellow diamond-shaped baby on board signs that exploded onto car windows during the 80s. Now 21st Century Insurance is calling for moms to get creative and re-design this iconic safety symbol. Moms are allowed to use any materials in an artistic fashion that they can get their hands on in order to re-design the yellow diamond. But where will the inspiration come from?

Get inspired

There are three things Rhode Island moms can call upon to inspire their creative efforts: (1) the love of their child, (2) the elements of child car safety, and (3) the beauty that exists all around them compliments of their home state. Let’s examine a possibility together: One of the most important factors to child car safety is found in fitting your infant with a good, quality car seat. What with so many car seats on the market, finding the right one for your child can pose a real headache.

By turning to some online resources such as, shoppers can get an answer to the question which car seat should I buy? This site reviews car seats, looks at parent reviews for infant and toddler seats, and even addresses some concerns that revolve around various designs and models. Addressing this concern through your creativity in making a baby on board sign will represent a practical concern in a fun and inspiring way.

Look around

Just look around you. Now that you have the idea to implement a car seat into your design, what about your state’s natural resources? The Rhode Island state flower is the violet, and this would make for a great source of inspiration. You could use dried violet flowers, or simply use the color as a primary one in your design. Also, chances are your family supports the Red Sox and the Patriots, so maybe that gives you inspiration, promoting child safety by showcasing your “Future Pats Fan On Board” sign.

Get busy planning

Think about the steps in ensuring child safety that stretch from having the right auto insurance, to the seat your child is secured within, and gather sources of inspiration from the things you see in everyday life. Be organic, show your passion, be original, and that 10K might just give baby a new bedroom design.

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