Being wild and staying warm at the same time

A look at WildSkins Arm Warmers


For those of you who know me,  (and those that don’t), I try to be as open minded as the next person but sometimes I have to step back and try to look at the whole picture rather than jumping right to the conclusion part.  Being a product review editor for a few years now, I have seen many, ‘interesting’ products come my way.  The more creative something is, the better I like it because I feel that a lot of thought had to be put into it.

I have to say that one of the coolest things that I happened upon was Wildskins Arm Warmers. I never gave any thought to keeping just my arms warm.  If I was cold, I would put something on to warm me up.  Then, I would start to get too warm and would take off my coat.  I tried wearing vests but I just didn’t like how they feel.  When I heard about Wildskins Arm Warmers, I knew that this would be probably the right thing for me.  And it was!

Wildskins are actually designed to be worn while working out in order to keep the body temperature regulated. I don’t often go to the gym but I do exercise in my home and with my animals while walking.   Being said, they were just the right things to wear on my arms when I was starting to get a little cool when taking a walk.  And, when I do walk, I walk at a fast pace.  I tend to get pretty warm so a jacket or a vest would just be an added nuisance for me.  However, the Wildskins were just the right item to wear.  There is even a pocket on the sleeve to carry a house key or something else, such as a tissue.  Exercising can get pretty rigorous at times.

The Wildskins offer a slot as a place for your thumb to fit, which keeps your hands pretty warm.  Wildskins are made of a nylon spandex material which allows the Wilkskins to be easy to roll up if you get cool, or down if you need to be warm.  They were pretty awesome!

Wildskins are offered in a variety of ‘wild’ colors and patterns. Actually, about 20 different colors and patterns so there definitely are many choices.  I like the brightly colored ones because since I do most of my walking at night, I feel a little more secure knowing that people driving will be able to see me.  And, they bring out the ‘Wild Side ‘of me.

Wildskins cost $19.50 per pair. Contact them at  or visit their website:

Getting a little ‘wild’ just got better!

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