Being ‘massaged away’ to Bali, right here in Newport!

Spa Terre, Newport RI

It’s never to late to take that trip we have always wanted to do; to a far away land with crystal clear blue skies, the sweet sounds of nature, and nothing to remind us of the trivialities of our everyday lives. A place where we can nurture our inner self and be connected to something higher than ourselves, as many of those self-help books recommend. I think many of us have dreams to do something incredible for ourselves that will whisk away all of those aches and pains, nagging thoughts and endless responsibilities. Maybe that trip to a Caribbean Island just doesn’t fit the budget right now, but there are other options that would fulfill those desires of nurturing our inner selves and massage away the ache and pains of our daily lives.

That is exactly what happened to me when I visited the Hotel Viking’s newly renovated rooms and Spa facility. My husband and I were asked to be guests of the hotel that came complete with a beautiful room, an unbelievable breakfast and the Pièce de résistance, a massage in the Hotel Viking’s signature spa, Spa Terre.

I walked into the lounge and was greeted by two masseuse, the receptionist with the coolness of the blue walls, an abundance of lotions and aromas permeating the air. A glass of cool water infused with lemons awaited me as I entered the massage room. I chose the Balinese Spa treatment because it sounded like I would be experiencing the secret treasure and techniques from Indonesia. And as expected, I was.

The room was decorated in a warming glow of candles, soft, soothing colors, exotic oils, pleasing aromas from flowers and spices, Indonesian artwork and a festive colored blanket to soothe my aches and pains. The Balinese massage involves acupressure, rolling motions with the arms and very rhythmic techniques that make the massage so unique. I have fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis, so I enjoy the deep tissue technique as it relieves the aches and pains of these diseases.

As my masseuse began, I felt myself becoming engrossed in the total experience of the room and the massage. The rolling technique was a new experience for me and I was excited to try something different. I welcomed the strong arm pushing into my aching muscles, rolling back and forth to remove all of the knots that had accumulated. The rhythmic motions of the rolling of the arm were very comforting and I felt myself becoming truly relaxed.

My massage was an unbelievable experience. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to try out one of the many fabulous spa treatments at the Hotel Viking. I plan on visiting again and trying out one of the other treatments where I can escape in my mind to one of those far away lands and dream of more wonderful things to happen at the Spa Terre.

The new Spa Terre is located on the lower level of the Hotel Viking. The 3,678 square foot spa offers a wide variety of wonderful treatments such as a couples massage, a wet room that offers a Vichy shower, manicures, pedicures, facials, a clear light infrared sauna and men and women’s locker rooms. ; a perfect place to escape.

Adjacent to the Spa Terre is the fitness center and an indoor heated pool complete with a whirlpool. The fitness centers is fully equipped with treadmills, an elliptical machine, bicycles, free weights, an ab bench and a cable crossover. The indoor heated pool offers a whirlpool, lounging chairs and a chance to relax. A truly wonderful experience.

I highly recommend visiting the Hotel Viking and enjoy the breathtaking renovations and definitely a make an appointment at the Spa Terre to enjoy one of the signature treatments and just simply relax.

The Spa Terre’s number is: 401-848-4848 or they can also be reached by email: Pricing available upon request.

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