Beautiful skin without a Spa!

Testing Spa Sonic

Just about everyone want to have beautiful skin. There are a multitude of skin care products to help us achieve that desire and then there are spas, salons and facial centers to help with the process. I would love to be able to visit a spa every day, but it would cost a fortune, so I opt for the home treatments. One important part of a home treatment, is fast results, and it’s good to not require ten different products in order to get beautiful skin. I want beautiful skin, but won’t, as they say, “break the bank”. Need I say more?

Wouldn’t it be great if would could just throw everything for a good facial into one nice, neat little bag and carry it with us all the time? The Spa Sonic does exactly that! Produced by a company named Epicare, located in New York City, Spa Sonic is their vision for making beautiful skin for just about everyone, right at your fingertips and without all the hassles of having to use multiple products to produce the effects that we desire.

Sounds good to me (and one of my reviewing helpers).

Epicare sent to me one of their Spa Sonic systems to try out. One of my reviewers, Shania, quickly came forward and stated that she wanted to review it/ and I reluctantly said yes and passed it over to her. She was so pleased to have found something that will take care of her skin with just ‘a flip of a switch’ and neatly packed into a small case.

After having the Spa Sonic for about a month, Shania, had much to say about the system. She liked the fact that the kit contained more than the usual items for a total in-home spa treatment with items such as a polishing unit, two facial brushes, one body brusher, one facial buffer, a pumice stone and a battery four pack. She said that all her usual routine involved warming her face with a hot face cloth, which opened up the pores in her skin. Then, she took the small facial brush and applied a mild cleansing agent to the brush and moved it across her face in gentle strokes.

In the evening, Shania would use the larger brush to exfoliate her entire body, letting her feel extra squeaky-clean. She used the facial sponge a couple of times a week with her favorite facial cream. The facial sponger helps stimulate cell growth and restore elasticity to the skin. Finally, she used the pumice stone on her feet after they had been soaking for about a half an hour.

Shana said that after the total body treatment, she felt as if she had spent the day at a spa! She was impressed with the quality of the system, the low cost and how neatly everything packed away after use. She was also pleased that the Spa Sonic System could be purchased at many leading stores, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens and CVS.

Please visit the Spa Sonic website ate: for more information and how to order online. Check local listings for sale prices, I know I will.


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