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Testing Amarte Skin Products

Having beautiful skin these days takes a lot of hard work, right? I mean, there’s the cleanser, then the toner, then the lifter, then the night cover up (er), and so on and so on. That does sound like a lot of work to me; much more than I would be willing to do to have beautiful skin. Or, at least I thought that was the case until I heard about Amarte.

Amarte was created in Korea and was based on ancient philosophies. It started in a Bioregional center where the East was about to meet the West, thanks to developer Dr. Kraffert, a leading dermatologist in California. Dr. Kafferet took pride in the fact that he was constantly looking for the right products that would help out his clients, even if it meant traveling to many foreign countries.

While testing out some new products in 2005, Dr. Kafferet was introduced to the Korean-made product, Amarte. Amarte had already been a big success in Asia and Kafferet hoped it would be just as successful in the United States. From that moment, he knew that the Amarte product was something his clients would love to use on their skin.

When asked to sample one of their skin care lines, was my pleasure to have someone on my team who happens to be a beauty consultant herself. Her name is Myra and she reviewed the Heart and Soul Collection, which consisted of the “Daily Wonder, Cleansing Foam, Aqua Veil® Hydrator, HydroLift® Cream, Eyeconic® Eye Cream and two versatile shades of Natural Finish™ BB Cream which is “designed to bring out the clarity, brilliance, and beauty of every woman’s skin, leaving it with a soft, radiant glow.” Myra was ready to go.

Here is what Myra had to say: “I started with the Amarte Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam. This is surprising cleansing foam, especially when it comes out as a cream! The product claims to help with inflammation and it definitely does. Even with its cleansing power, the foam seems to calm the skin, add moisture and reduces redness. It is nice enough to use twice daily – even with oily skin. It also has a nice, fruity fragrance despite having sulfur as a major cleansing ingredient.”

“Next was the Amarte Aquaveil Hydrator. This is a light hydrating cream. The texture feels more like a gel cream than a full on cream. It had a light a refreshing cucumber scent and absorbed immediately into the skin. It was light enough to use multiple times during the day and did not leave and oily skin feeling, or slick or clogged feeling. It was light , refreshing and noticeably hydrating. “

“Then came the Amarte Hydrolift Cream. This is an intense, heavy duty, rich cream. It has a strong, but pleasant fragrance that is reminiscent of melons. This cream is recommended twice daily, but because it was so thick and heavy, I used it only before going to bed due to having oily skin. It was extremely hydrating but heavier use would have been too much. This would be an excellent daily cream for damaged or dry skin.”

“The last product was the Amarte Eyeconic Eye Cream. This refreshing eye cream comes in a narrow tube with a fun applicator. The ergonomic applicator is there to help activate the collagen in the skin around your eyes (although, once the cream was applied, I massaged it in using my fingers). It’s a light citrus scent and almost has a cooling effect on your skin. My eyes definitely felt refreshed and after about a week of use, I noticed that the skin felt a little more taut around where I applied my makeup. It also seemed to brighten underneath my eyes, which may be due to the tightening of the skin.”

Myra said that she loved the products and when I asked her how long it took for this daily regimene, I was surprised when she told me only about 15 minutes. I was expecting an hour, which would count me out for this product. I asked her if she had any left and she said she did, but now her mom was going to try it out. Oh well, I should have reviewed it first.

The Heart and Soul Collection sells for $150, which may not fit everyone’s budget, but when you think about how little you have to use, how long it lasts and how effective it is, it is worth the few extra dollars. Please visit their website at:

Because, you are worth it!

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