BaliSpirit – the Ultimate Joyous Celebration for Travelers

Safe, Affordable, Exotic Travel to Bali for A Transformational Adventure

Traveling to Bali for yoga, health or culture holds the thrill of an exotic adventure for both seasoned and inexperienced travelers. BaliSprit Retreats, meet the dream vacation ‘wish list’ for all. Bali is a sacred center and one safest and most affordable destinations in the world. Travelers don’t just visit Bali, each person discovers their connection to Bali! BaliSpirit provides their guests with all the amenities os an enjoyable experience and takes care of travel details. With BaliSprit, travelers enjoy 5-star service at a reasonable cost.

The BaliSpirit Retreats are centered at The Yoga Barn in the center of culture, shopping and yoga, Ubud. For guests who welcome premier relaxation and rejuvenation, KUSH at The Yoga Barn is the Ayurvedic Healing Center of Bali. For those who want to spend time surfing, diving or lounging on the beach, BaliSpirit accommodates all designing customized travel plans.

The BaliSpirit Retreats offer three, seven, or nine day retreats year-round where guests experience the transformative power of Bali. Located in Ubud, the center of arts, culture, yoga, and sacred Hindu lifestyle, BaliSpirit retreats offer customized adventures. Travelers create their own schedule, choose individual level of accommodations and enjoy as much structure or flexibility as each person chooses. A variety of activities include private and studio yoga classes, tours of cultural, historical, and geographical interest with local guides, a myriad of spa and body treatments, included and discount dining, private transportation, English speaking guides, and recommendations for each travel style, and more. Do you want to climb a volcano, visit an ancient temple, participate in Hindu ceremonies, have a five hour spa treatment, meet a healer, snorkel among lush marine life, scuba dive world renown wrecks and reefs, surf the waves or lounge by the pool, bike down a mountain, or shop the markets, meet the craftsman, or order custom furnishings and clothes. Bali has it all and BaliSpirit makes it easy to enjoy it all.

KUSH at The Yoga Barn, created by Ayurvedic expert Uma Inder, KUSH can dramatically shift your state of well being based on ancient, universal principles to balance body, mind, and energy. Ayurveda is a living system of natural medicine that empowers us to heal ourselves. The release of tension, relaxation and peace of mind is the secret of transformation. You can combine your KUSH Ayurvedic Rejuvenation with a BaliSpirit Retreat for the ultimate transformational experience.

Upon arrival at the bustling airport, guests are safely met at the airport by a private driver. Bali was voted one of the safest destinations in Asia. All Bali Spirit drivers, instructors, and guides speak English. The Balinese people have a deep rooted culture in loving kindness with broad smiles and a heartfelt desire for your happiness. Travelers will enjoy a safe and exotic adventure. Lodging options meet every budget from $9 per night home-stays to the most luxurious accommodations in the world.

BaliSpirit offers Yogis, tourists, travelers, and seekers a safe, affordable, and easy to book exotic adventure.

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