An Honest Approach to Skin Care

A look at Own skin care products


In 8 years of reviewing products, I have seen so many different and unique products that say they can “stop the aging process.’” Well, just what happens when we age? For one, the skin can become thin and almost translucent due to the loss of collagen. Or, maybe our skin becomes much dryer than we would like.  I’m not one to use an immense amount of skin care products because I don’t want to put lots of chemicals on my body and  I already ingest more than enough chemicals from the foods that I eat, so I’m not anxious to add more chemicals.  Yet, I do like to have nice, healthy skin so I am always looking for products that will help me achieve that goal.  Enter Own Products.

Own Products, based out of San Francisco, asked me to try out their skin care products and compare them to brands that I have already used.  Before saying yes, I decided to read a little about Own Products and see for myself if I would like them.  What caught my eye first was this statement on their website: “Own advocates for lifestyle changes to make real improvements in their skin health.”  Wow…they really believe that having healthy skin is a result of making healthy choices in our lives and not just the use of their skin care products.

It’s nice to find a company that doesn’t promise ’10 years off of your life’ by using just their products, but a combination of making healthy choices while aging and the use of their skin care treatments!  Awesome! I was excited to try out this product because I really felt that they were presenting themselves as truly honest people.  I was sold!

After reading about the ingredients in the Own Products, I was impressed with how straightforward they were with their approach on what will happen once you start using their products.  One ingredient in their products is the use of CLA, which is a derivative of the safflower plant, which helps in keeping the skin soft and supple.

Another plus for Own Products is the absence of harsh chemicals that are in so many other products on the market.   Having a product that doesn’t require the use of chemicals was another reason I liked their product.  Own Products are definitely one of a kind in their approach in helping to ease the aging process of our skin.

I liked the cleanser in particular because I noticed how clean it got my skin, right down to those deep pores on my face.  I didn’t feel that it dried out my skin as so many other cleansers do, but just really got my skin super clean.  I used the night cream (as I usually don’t use any cream at all because of the ingredients in it that appear to be greasy and even stain my pillowcases) on a regular basis and pleased with the fact that my skin felt pretty soft in the morning.

As for the skin firming concentrate, I liked that fact that zinc oxide was one of the ingredients found in the concentrate.  I like zinc oxide a lot, since I feel it is one of the best protectors against the intense rays of the sun that causes such damage to our skin on a daily basis.  I wasn’t really sure if my skin was getting firmer but I felt confident that by using it daily, it would protect me against the sun’s rays.

I am quite happy with the three products I received from Own.  It was affordable, didn’t make promises to turn me into a Mrs. America overnight and did help my skin feel softer than it has felt in a long time.  Own Products is a company that uses an honest approach to having healthy skin not just by using their products, but also having a healthy diet, hydration, and minimal exposure to the sun.

Visit their website at: to check out their other products, where to buy Own skin care and pricing.  I’m glad that I did.


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