A wrap that is more than…….just a wrap!

I absolutely love it when it starts to get cool outside.  When the leaves gently fall from the trees and there’s a definite chill in the air.  For some, the cooler months of the year aren’t very comfortable to them but for me, it’s the best time of year.  However, one thing I don’t like is when I am out at a restaurant, or at the theater or somewhere other than home and I start to get chilled, but I don’t have anything to warm me up except my big, bulky winter coat.  Try eating at a fancy restaurant with a big, bulky coat…not very comfortable. 

Knowing all of this, it would make sense to carry a lightweight jacket with us, right?  I know I wouldn’t carry one because it would just mean one more things to worry about.  I could stuff it in my purse, but I usually don’t carry a big purse to a fancy restaurant, so now what do I do? Hello Chilly Jilly! And they have the answer!

Chilly Jilly are the designers of one of the most versatile wraps that I have come across in a very long time.  An exquisite wrap that compliments just about anything, at anytime and fits snuggly into a silky purse that comes with the wrap. There’s a chill in the air?  Just reach into your purse and take out your Chilly Jilly Wrap!  How cool (literally) is that?

The Chilly Jilly wrap is made with a very soft material that is double brushed and silky smooth to the touch.  It is also wrinkle free.  Imagine, a wrap that is scrunched into a small silk bag which can be carried in a purse and which can be taken out to be worn at anytime, anywhere for anything.  I think I am sold on this one!

There is one more thing I forgot to inform everyone and that is how the Chilly Jilly wrap can be worn.  It is more than just a wrap.  Way more!! It can be worn on the shoulders off the shoulders, tied in the front, tied in the back, worn as a scarf, not worn as a scarf, tied around the waist, draped, or not draped, over one shoulder and even a cover for your head.   The wrap is made in a variety of colors, twenty to be exact, and costs a modest amount of  $35.  And every dollar is definitely well spent.

I, (and my reviewing helper), would highly recommend The Chilly Jilly Wrap to any woman whom has experienced being chilled while out and nothing to throw on to warm them up. Please, visit Chilly Jilly at: www.chillyjilly.com to find out where to purchase this fantastic wrap.  And check out their site to see their other items, too!  Women will not be chilled again!

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