A Sport’s Bar for Everyone

Dave's, in Warwick, near TF Green Airport


It’s that time of year again, no not the holiday season; It’s the time where most major sporting events in the US are being played. College and professional football, basketball and even hockey. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of trying to watch all these games at once. But there is a solution, a sports bar! But not just any sports bar, you need a place where the food is good and at a reasonable price.



The first thing that might come to mind when thinking of a sports bar is the classic “hole in the wall” sports bar. Fatty wings, stale beer, dirty tables — not a place where most people want to go to relax and enjoy the big game. Oh sure they have a giant TV, but my friends, I implore you not to be blinded by hires or HD TV that most sports bar use to hide the fact that they’re serving you watered down beer and two month old pretzels. There are some places out there where you can get reasonably priced food with out sacrificing quality.

If you’ve ever made a trip to the airport, you know that restaurants literally surround it, everything from Wendy’s to Hooters. But you’ll find most people heading to one place in particular — whether you live in RI or are just visiting, Daves bar and grill offers a good place to grab a bite to eat and watch the game.

The parking lot always seems to be packed as well as the restaurant. Walking into Dave’s you’ll notice the huge bar and the classic sports memorabilia on the walls. Maneuvering to find a seat is a little difficult. The huge bar is a great centerpiece but makes Dave’s feel a little cramped. There are seats at the bar and stool seating in the front. In the middle of the restaurant is where all the booth seating is, and the most of the big TV’s. There are a couple of video games, pool tables and a smaller bar in the back. It’s usually seat yourself, except for on a busy night of course. If you’re worried about finding the best seat to watch the game, Dave’s has you covered. Whether you’re sitting at the bar or in one of their many booths, there is sure to be a TV facing in your direction.

What really makes a sports bar stand out is, lets face it, the food. Most places try to wow you with how many TV’s they have or on some insane discount on their beer. Sure they have plenty of TV’s but that’s not all Dave’s has to offer. If you fancy the classic basket of wings for game day or just an awsome grilled cheese, Daves has it.

Dave’s also offers a lot more on their menu than just your typical game day goodies — they also have some unique dishes including a smothered chicken sandwich covered with tons of cheese and mushroom sauce and crunchy sweet potato fries with spicy ketchup. The food at Dave’s is exceptional for a sports bar. The ingredients taste fresh and the portions are huge. The staff also makes sure to deliver your meal in a timely manner so you’re not halfway through a game before you food comes. Free refills on fountain drinks and a moderately prices menu makes a trip to Dave’s not hurt your wallet and a great place for a first date.

Dave’s also has its assortment of food and drink specials. On most major game nights they usually have a specific draft beer on discount. During the year, look for the more popular seasonal beers. If beer isn’t you thing, Dave’s does offer an assortment of original mixed drinks. You’ll notice something familiar when going over the mixed drink menu. Dave’s own special mixed drinks are named after New England’s own sports heroes. It’s an interesting twist and adds to Dave’s sport bar persona.

Dave’s is a perfect place to start if you’re looking to get away from the old lazy boy chair, or from the annoying game day distractions. Dave’s is open most nights till late and 7 days a week so what ever game your looking to watch will most likely be on.

Loook for them on Post Road in Warwick, just south of the Airport Connector Road.

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