A new way to beautiful, wrinkle-free eyes forever!

A look at the WrinkleMD System

For years, women have gone to great lengths to maintain their youthful skin and rid themselves of unwanted wrinkles. For me, I’m not very concerned about wrinkles because I know that is part of life. But, there are many women that do worry about trying to maintain their youth, no matter what it takes — botox treatments, costly anti-wrinkle cream, face lifts and many other methods of altering their looks. The thing with these methods if that the process would have to be done over and over again to get the desired results. And that can be pretty costly.

University Medical Pharmaceuticals develops highly innovative skin, body and hair care products at a reasonable cost. One of their newest products, Wrinkle MD Eye Renewal System, is able to reach deep into the skin, much deeper than many of the anti-wrinkle creams on the market. Sounds fantastic! And, they asked me to try it out.

The skeptic that I am, I just couldn’t understand why this product was suppose to be better than any of the other products available. Most manufacturers say the same thing, ‘that theirs is the best on the market’. Let’s see if this actually works.

When the product arrived, I was amazed at how big the package was. I imagined something smaller, about the size of a book. Inside, the package contained WrinkleMD eye patch treatments, skin prep wipes and an activator pad. Now the fun begins!

First, I had to use the skin prep wipes and thoroughly clean my skin. I had to make sure that my skin was cleansed, dried and all makeup removed; otherwise, the patches wouldn’t adhere to the skin. Next, I was instructed to take out the activator pod and attach it to the eye patches. When applying the patches, I had to position them according to the instructions and keep close to the eyes, but not too close. I clipped the pod onto my clothing and once both patches were applied, the pod turned on. A small current from the pod is sent to each patch while activated and lasts for 40 mins. The slight pulsation actually pushes the Hyaluronic Acid (main ingredient) deeply into the skin for better results than most wrinkle creams. The pod monitored the hydration of the skin and adjusts accordingly. It’s really quite simple once you try it.

Naturally, I was expecting results right away and was upset that I only saw a minor change in the wrinkles around my eyes. But, after 3 weeks or so, I noticed a huge difference. The wrinkles around my eyes were scarcely visible. I had to ask my husband if he noticed any of the wrinkles and he said that he could only see a few, not like they were before. Amazing results! Unbelievable!

The WrinkleMD System actually worked for me. I can’t see it not working for others. Though the kit sells for $129, that’s not particularly high in the world of high-end beauty products. I can only speak for myself when I say that this product really does do the job of removing wrinkles, but you have to see for yourself. Please visit their website at: www.universitymedical.com and read all about the WrinkleMD System and try it out. It definitely is worth the money!

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