A Different Watch for World Travelers

A Look at the Phosphor Worldtime Watch

Like much of the world, I’ve stopped wearing a wristwatch, instead using my ever-present cellphone as a pocketwatch. It’s not like I don’t like watches, it’s just that I hadn’t found the watch I really like. So when was offered a chance to get a close look at the Phosphor watch, I thought I’d check it out.

I enjoyed testing out the Phosphor watch’s ePaper screen. I had been reading about ePaper for years, and it’s only now getting into consumer goods like the Kindle. The watch’s display doesn’t glow, it shows well in bright light, and with the big, bold display it can be seen if fairly low light.

The watch also switches between three time zones – perfect for a traveler who has to keep track of where he is, where he is going, and what time it is back home.

That’s the easy part to talk about. The hard part is the styling. Styling is entirely a matter of taste. Some people love huge bulky complex-looking watches. Others want watches that can scarcely be distinguished from jewelry.

This watch has a face that follows the curve of the wrist, with almost no bumps or gadgets to get caught on clothing or in the way of moving smoothly through a crowd. All that is good for me, but it was a bit larger than my dream watch. For my taste, I want a watch that is about as wide and thin as a 1970’s era ID bracelet.

The watch they sent also had a white band, not exactly my color, but the younger, more artistic staff members here at the magazine loved the white band with the black-on-white face (or vice versa) and ended up with the sample. There are other bands available, including black, leather, and metal. If they had sent the metal one, I’d be very tempted to add the $150 watch to my wardrobe.

If you want a different-looking watch that shows off some new technology, this watch might be for you. Check them out online at www.phosphorwatches.com/v/site_pages/mens-watches.asp

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