A Country Inn with a Rustic Farmhouse Atmosphere

Brass Heart Inn, Chocorua NH

From time to time, we visit an old country inn – a quaint little hotel built back when it wasn’t unusual to see a horse-drawn buggy – usually nestled in the downtown of some village that has grown up, or perhaps resisted the urge to grow up.  Even during the days of the Grand Hotels that drew people out of the cities for the summer, the country inns continued to thrive.  These days, the country inns like the Brass Heart Inn in Chocorua NH are a quaint reminder of a slower time.

Even among the country inns we’ve experienced, the Brass Heart was different, in that it was literally in the country.  Chocorua is a village that most people don’t even notice on their way to New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, and the inn sits away from the rest of town, down a dirt road, and nestled in picturesque New England farmland.  And while the Brass Heart Inn has a dining room, fireplaces, sitting rooms, and a small bar. It also has a huge barn outfitted as a country dance hall, a favorite for weddings and family reunions.

Visiting the Inn, it’s very easy to guess its history.  A large, hundred-year-old family farmhouse turned into a country inn in the 1920’s.  Expanded.  Modernized a little, but not too much.  Big barn converted into banquet and function space.  Five cottages added, providing extra space and privacy for large wedding parties.   An official history is very similar, just with names and specific dates added.

The feel of the Inn very much like the fictional inn from the movie White Christmas. For us, it was easy to make the connection to that fictional inn, since we visited during the Christmas season; The Brass Hart Inn was one of the dozen inns in the annual Inn-to-Inn cookie tour, which gave us a chance to check out a selection of Mount Washington Valley’s finest inns and B&B’s.

It also gave us a chance to explore the village where we found the Barnstomer’s Theater, a summer theater dating from the 1930’s, the Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm, dedicated to telling the story of the old country doctor, and even a tiny bakery in the back of an antique shop.

The Inn is for someone who has a taste for the rustic – the floors aren’t all level and while the six suites have private bathrooms, the bathrooms for the other six guest rooms are shared.  But then, this was originally an old farmhouse, so the rustic atmosphere is appropriate or if not downright required.  Over the years, the Inn had been visited by the likes of the Roosevelts and Shirley Temple, and it maintains much of what made the Inn attractive in those days.

We stayed in the third floor Shelborne room, overlooking the fields and ancient trees in front of the inn, and shared the powder room with the other third floor rooms.  The room’s wallpaper and furnishings were perfect for the rustic farmhouse atmosphere.  Of course the inn features a country breakfast for guests, changing from day to day so that visitors will be excited to come down from their rooms each morning during an extended stay.

Folks wanting a country wedding find the barn especially charming – it feels much like a roadhouse, with a bar, dance floor, and nooks, crannies, and multiple seating levels.  The inn hosts numerous weddings each year, most featuring not only the usual dinner and dancing, many also feature bonfires and fireworks.

During the warmer months, the inn’s restaurant also serves an excellent dinner menu, even if you aren’t having a wedding dinner.  During our visit, we enjoyed a robust meal of steak and salmon, onion soup, potatoes and vegetables – simple, filling, and hearty – perfect for the surroundings.

There’s also a tiny English Pub-themed bar tucked between the dining room and one of the inn’s book-filled sitting rooms called the “Boar’s Head Tavern”.   Innkeeper DJ  never slows down from breakfast to bedtime, and if you care for a drink, he’ll help you pass the evening as the bartender and in-house entertainment with a never-ending stream of stories and commentary on society and the events of the day.

DJ and his wife Sheena have made Brass Heart Inn a quiet, relaxing place to stay, eat, and even have a wedding or family reunion, all in a rustic country atmosphere.

You’ll find the Brass Heart Inn at 88 Philbrick Neighborhood Road, Chocorua, NH, just off Route 113 north of Osippee..  Their website is www.thebrassheartinn.com and phone number is (603) 323-7766

  • Patrick

    Mallory, Gerry and I had a wonderful time vitniisg your home again. Your gingerbread house was amazing and your cookies were yummy too.We hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to a stay with you this coming summer!BTW did your house win?Warm Regards,Patrice MorrillSammy .I hope Santa is really good to you this year Merry Christmas

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