A bag for Reliving the 60’s

Hipz bags -- on your hips, and "hip"

When I travel someplace, I want to make sure that I plan ahead. But despite
wanting everything with me, I also want to make sure that I carry around with me
as little as possible… who wants to spend half the time adjusting the straps
on a big purse, or worrying about the backpack that someone might unzip and take
away all of my worldly treasures (and money). I want to feel at ease and free
from worrying about my belongings.

I’ve tried different pocketbooks, backpacks
and those fanny packs at various times that I thought would make my travels
easier, but it just never seemed to work out. I presently own a pocketbook that
can be used as a pocketbook or made into a small backpack (my husband’s
invention) and that is great, but it’s too heavy to be considered light and
fancy-free — I sometimes need a bag big enough for only the bare essentials.
And of course, it has to be stylish.

The whole idea of not having to worry about my valuables while traveling and
only having to take the bare essentials sometimes was, and still is, a big
concern of mine. There just happens to be a designer that had the idea of
designing a unique and trendy pocketbook that covered all of my concerns and
even more. Her names are Kathy Crifasi and she designed the “Hipzbag” which does
exactly as it says; to be worn on the hip. And, they wanted me to review their
product. Need I say more?

Actually, I had two of my product testers, Mackenzie and Zachary; try out the
samples that were sent to me. There was the original size bag in tan with two
white stripes that measures 4.5” by 4.5” and the passport bag in brown which
measures 5.5” by 5.5” and can even carry a small camera! The first words out of
their mouths were “That’s so cool!” And, they were right. They couldn’t stop
bragging about how useful and comfortable and stylish they were. Mackenzie
stated that she liked how it just rested on her hip, not like a fanny pack where
it is either around your middle or on your back and can be uncomfortable at
times. At least for me they were.

Mackenzie also said that it was just the right size for her keys, lipstick,
cell phone and cash. She said that there was room for more but that’s all she
wanted to keep in it. She liked the texture and quality of the material, saying
that it was pleasant to the touch; not rough and ragged like some pocketbooks
can be. And, she didn’t have to worry about anything slipping off her shoulders
because it was on her hips.

Zachary liked the “Hipzbag” because he said that it was something ‘cool’ and
different to have from the rest of the crowd. He said that it was great for
‘stashing’ away some money, license and of course, the ever-present cell-phone.
The brown color was just right for him because it didn’t clash with his jeans!
(A girls-only bag? Not for a stylish Scottsman, who would consider the bag a
rebirth of the classic “sporin”.)

I wish that I had been the one to sample one of these really neat items,
rather than my testers Zachary and Mackenzie, because the Hipzbag seems like
just the right item for me when I am dashing out someplace and only want to take
the essentials. Maybe I can talk one of them into letting me borrow one of

I would highly recommend this item to all types of people, of different sex
and ages, because it is just the right essential to have when you want to make a
quick outing, but don’t want to take everything with you when you do. The
material is very durable, the colors are great and the waistband is large enough
to go around someone who is worried about their waist size (like me).

To find out more about this product, availability and pricing, please visit
their website at: www.hipzbag.com. Bring back the sixties one more time!

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