A Baby Bottle on a Moment’s Notice

Checking out the Steri-Bottle

I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to all those new parents, (and grandparents) that have just welcomed a new baby into their homes.  Now it’s time for the 3AM feeding and there aren’t any clean bottles ready for that very hungry child in the other room!  What are you going to do now?

If you don’t have a supply of clean bottles, then you’re going to have to wake up enough to scrub one.  And when you finally get back to sleep, maybe you’ll dream about a baby bottle that you never have to clean, right at your disposal (and, that’s exactly what it is; DISPOSable)

Steri-bottle is what you want to type in your Search Engine for that instant baby bottle you were dreaming of.  Yes, that’s right, an Instant Baby Bottle that solves all those ‘unwashed bottles, last minute notice for an over night stay at the grandparents and just to take a moment for yourself ‘ happenings that usually leave you exhausted!

Steri-bottle has been avidly used in the United Kingdom since 2000 and is now making its way to the USA.  I know, you are probably asking yourself at this point what is this Steri-bottle thingy and why is it so good!  I’m about to tell you so sit down for a few minutes and ‘enjoy the show’ as they say.

Steri-bottle is ‘every parents dream-come-true’ invention!  No, really!  No more washing bottles late at night and then making sure they are sterile; or worrying about being late for an event because you haven’t made the baby’s bottles yet.  This product will solve all those problems.  Available now for sale in the USA, this product you will definitely want to put on your list next time you shop at CVS or Babies R Us!

Ok, ok, I will NOW tell you what Steri-bottle is so sit down and relax!  Steri-bottle is what it says; a sterilized bottle, BPA free and complete with disposable nipples that’s only preparation is …….pour the formula in the bottle and give it to that very hungry baby.  How easy is that? No more washing and sterilizing bottles for, what seems like, hours at a time!  Convenient, not messy and a lifesaver to say the least.

Steri-bottle comes in a convenient package of 5 pack medium-flow, 5 pack fast-flow or 10 pack fast-flow bottles, (which are also recyclable), and a reseal able ‘sleeve’ to keep those nipples clean.  Even the packaging is made from recyclable products!  And, it is definitely BPA free, which I know is a big concern of many people these days.

Now I bet that you are wondering how much this product costs.  Can I ask you one question?  How much is your time worth?  Your time is worth a lot because you can’t attach a dollar value to it!  In other words, even if the Steri-bottle cost an exorbitant amount of money, you should still buy it.  I have better news for you though, because it is sold at CVS and Babies R Us and it ranges in price from $5.99 to $9.99.  Check your local flyer for sales at both stores.

Steri-bottle is a convenient way to meet all of your baby’s needs, at a moments notice.  And, you benefit also by having more ‘quiet time’ for yourself which you will need when raising a child.  My friend that sampled this product with her second child said that wished this product was around 16 years ago with her first child!  Me, too!

Yes, definitely check out their website at: www.steribottle.com for more details about Steri-bottle. Now, sit down, relax and enjoy those precious moments with your baby.  They don’t stay that small forever!


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